New Horseshoe Court Installed at Edgewater-Retreat

For our guests with a competitive spirit, we just installed a regulation size Horseshoe Court at Edgewater-Retreat. For years we just had a couple of metal stakes in the ground, but we decided to “up our game” and build a real court on the property. Grab a cold beer and a friend and try your hand at a game that can be traced back to Roman soldiers looking for something to do between battles. During their idle hours, the soldiers occupied themselves with games that consisted of tossing metal rings over stakes pounded into the ground. Whether these first metal rings were actually horseshoes is a matter of some debate.

Playing the game is simple. The first task in scoring is counting up the live and dead shoes. Live shoes are shoes that landed within playable boundaries. Dead shoes are those that landed outside the pit area. Each player has the chance to score a maximum of six points per inning. Live shoes will either be ringers, leaners or close to the stake. Ringers are horseshoes that encircle the stake; ringers net you three points, the most points awarded in the game. Leaners are horseshoes that have landed vertically and are leaning against the stake rather than encircling it. Leaners are worth one point. Any horseshoe that lands within 6 inches (15.2 centimeters) of the stake is considered close to the stake and also counts as one point. If both your live shoes land closer to the stake than those of your opponent, you earn two additional points that inning (including if one of those shoes is a ringer).

For additional tips on how to pitch a shoe like a pro - visit the National Horseshoe Pitching Association (NHPA) here:

Enjoy your game of horseshoes, and when you’re done, please return them to the hangers on the back wall of the box closest to the basketball court.

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